Judging Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines.

  1. Our panel of independent judges will be looking for clear evidence based on the set judging criteria.
  2. Winning entries will show excellence in mentoring and provide tangible evidence of how the mentoring benefited the mentee.
  3. Judging will be based entirely on the quality of your entry and assess each entry purely on its merits.
  4. Your answers must not exceed the word limit in each box.
  5. Entries are welcome from individuals, groups or organisations large or small; please check individual criteria of each award before entering.
  6. Please provide as much information as possible to back up your claims such as supporting documentation, photographs, video, third party endorsement or anything else that shows the impact of the mentoring. Please state why they are relevant.
  7. Make sure your entry meets each of the criteria listed as each criteria will be assessed and marked.
  8. Don’t forget to include dates, objectives, challenges faced or overcome, implementation and results achieved. For business categories please state any financial impact.
  9. How have you made a difference and what were the end results of the mentoring?
  10. Ensure your entry is well written and well-presented making it easy for the judges to extract the relevant information from.
  11. Be clear and concise. Try not to over explain or feel the need to tell your life story like a CV as the judges will have to read through a large number of entries.
  12. Remember the Awards are about excellence; show with evidence how you or the mentor have achieved this.
  13. Whether you are a small company or large corporation everyone has the same chance to win.
  14. Judges will make their decision on the evidence in front of them.

We look forward to receiving your entry.

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